Bytomski / Bytomska Jewellery is a jewellery designed and made by Bogumił Bytomski and Julia Bytomska, father and daughter, working together in a family workshop.

It all started in 1973 roku, when Bogumił Bytomski opened his first goldsmithing workshop in Warsaw.  Since then he has created exceptional jewellery, with the same passion everyday. 

The new chapter of this over 40 years long story started a few years ago. Bogumil's daughters have joined him in the work.  Julia, the recognized graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, is the new creative power at the goldsmithing bench.  In 2013, with the help of Zuza, the new concept for the family business was born - brand  Bytomski / Bytomska Jewellery.

We design and handmake silver and gold jewellery in our family workshop, always ourselves and following our own taste. 

Our core values are freedom and independence. We choose our own ways, we trust our instincts and own abilities.  

We live and work close to the nature. It is our most important and permament inspiration, source of energy and place to relax. That is why each piece created in our workshop is unique, each is an individual piece of work and is different than other, even if some of them are created according to the same model.

As it is nature - each creation is unique and one of a kind.


Our jewellery surprises.

It is like a precious talisman, to be kept and treasured always with you. Just hang it on your neck, or turn it on your finger, and you will find yourself in the mood of fairy-tale nature, fantasy and childhood dreams. 

Unconventional, sculptural form, inspired by irregular shapes and textures on nature's world, stays in permanent contact with your body. It stimulates sense of touch, imagination and encourages to play. It gives a moment of pleasure, relaxation and smile.


Precious metals, traditional goldsmithing techniques and attention to detail brings the sense of comfort and of quality.





    Our jewellery is chosen primarily by selfconscious, confident people, who are open-minded, curious and independent; who like treating and boldly expressing themselves. 

    They are imaginative beauty lovers with a sense of humour, appreciating quality, unique style and fantasy.  

    You can discover our jewellery in selected places in Poland, Europe, U.S.A and Asia.

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