Choose your own, personal Constellation

For a few days, rings and earrings from the KONSTELACJE collection are available on our website. 

Well-known to you from fairs and direct meetings, they captivate you from the first look - and touch :)

Hand made of silver, studded with stones. For some of us, they resemble signets. However, soft and streamlined shapes make the rings extremely comfortable and definitely very personal ...

We know that you do not like to part with them. Discreetly elegant, without ostentation, and yet unique and original. When needed, they draw attention with an unusual form and flash a facet of perfectly polished stones.

I wonder if you guess what was the first inspiration when creating a collection? 

It was not the starry sky at all. 

It started with much more mundane associations, namely from ... knots and trunks of felled trees. Gnarled rings were budding, branches were increasing, and on some edges regular stone systems appeared. 

At one point it turned out that instead of knots we are holding in our hands cosmic stations, planetary systems and all the harmony of the universe ;)

The KONSTELACJE collection includes several models of rings, three models of small stud earrings and delicate pendants. 

We offer different combination of colours:

Oxidized (patinated) silver, in a deep black, matte shade combined with a bright blue topaz and oak brown smoky quartz.

In the solar version, we applied a 22-carat gold layer on sterling silver.

In the lunar version, we offer sterling silver in white matte finish. 

To see and shop the collection visit KONSTELACJE collection


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