ring KORA/ narrow band/ gold plated & topazes


Narrow, irregular ring. 

Light & comfortable, perfect for stacking or solo. Everyday essential.

Made of sterling silver 100% recycled. 22k gold plated. Set of 15 light blue topazes (Aqua Blue shade) in the pave setting.

Each ring is made for your order. Please indicate your size in a comment on order form.

Each item is handmade in our workshop, therefore each one may vary a little bit and is unique. 

Please allow 2-3 weeks to produce before shipping.

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1838-1-bytomski-bytomska-jewellery-kora-small-band-gold-plated-silver-topaz-ring 1840-1-bytomski-bytomska-jewellery-kora-small-band-gold-plated-silver-topaz-ring-w